With a heavy heart, we're announcing Burrito Esports is ceasing operations on November 1st, 2019. After a lot of consideration throughout the year, we've decided it's best to finally make this decision regarding Burrito.

We've had a lot of ups and downs from the start all the way until the bitter end. From the early start as an entertaining social media project poking fun at esports organisations, to becoming an actual organisation with a strong focus on the support of players.

After winning the Paladins Invitational in 2017 we were over the moon and excited for the bright future ahead of ourselves. This led to several Paladins rosters and our ventures into SMITE, Brawhalla, and Rivals of Aether in 2017. Leading to our peak in 2018, with the acquisition of the Latin American Paladins roster. Finishing in third place in the Paladins Summer Finals. And not to mention the promising SMITE Minor League team and our short term in Fortnite. But with yet more setbacks we were unable to stay the course of professional esports.

With more and more esports games changing their leagues to the American franchise model we found ourselves unable to get the chance to compete at the highest level in our favourite titles. We had to sell players to the newly formed franchised leagues to let them compete at the pro level.

We've come to the decision, it's best to leave our legacy behind, and look for new opportunities. We'd like to thank everyone who supported us from the start. And we would like to thank all of those who have been part of Burrito's history, whether your impact was small or large - it all truly mattered to us. Thank you to all the fans and our community who continued to support us throughout our whole run. May your guac stay forever fresh, your salsa spicy, and your fun last forever.


Martin "MountainGoat" Andersen
Djawi "Unovy" de Boer