Burrito Elbows Their way into Rivals of Aether!

We are pleased to announce our first step into Rivals of Aether with the signing of 28 year-old Billy “LBO” Dunmire, one of the top Zetterburn players in the world. LBO has recently gone toe to toe with the best Rivals of Aether players in the world, placing 2nd in the Road To Shine tournament after strong performances against top players such as Ralph and FullStream.

LBO is a fan favorite in the community and a part of the renowned ICE clan, so be sure to throw your ELBOWS and support him in future tournaments.

You can follow his social media on Twitter @LiveBreatheOwn

and on twitch at

Also be sure to join the Rivals Rep contest so Burrito can win a skin in Rivals of Aether!