Burrito returns to Paladins

We are extremely excited to announce the acquisition of our newest Paladins roster, and our return to the game we left our massive, guacamole-stained mark on.

Joining Burrito Paladins is the renowned ex-Nocturns Gaming lineup, consisting of;

Mauro “Hecate” Vendramin – Damage & Captain
Nahuel Nicolás “Puleule” Pulella – Front Line
Matias “saadhak” Delipetro – Front Line & Flex
Facundo “crims0n” Braile – Support
Sergio Manuel “FuzzyL0gic” Juarez – Damage & Flex
Ben “Swindy” Swindell – Manager

The Latin American team that took the scene by storm, shocking spectators and players alike. After a second round loss to Virtus.Pro in the Paladins World Championship at HRX 2018, the squad stomped their way through the lower bracket with 3-0 wins over Renegades and Kanga Esports, followed by a 3-1 over Virtus.Pro; the team that sent them to the LB. Their determination to make it to the finals as an unknown team left the scene stunned, and while they ultimately fell to the eventual winners of the 2018 PWC, Na`Vi, they took the series to a full 7 games!

DPS player and captain of the new Burrito Paladins, Hecate, expressed his thoughts on the signing.

It’s hard to believe that just a few days ago, I was questioning how I became a pro player. From dreaming of the day, to facing Na`Vi in the semifinals of the PWC, and now playing for a recognized organisation like Burrito as a professional player.

Co-Owner of Burrito, Djawi “Unovy” de Boer, also shared his views on the recent acquisition.

Latin America has shown itself to be a great pool of upcoming talent in esports, and it would have only been natural for us to join in. The team has made a real statement on the world’s stage and I am glad they are going to be working with us. I can’t wait for them setting more great performances with us!

We at Burrito are looking forward to our future in Paladins alongside the new LATAM roster. As well, we hope you will follow with us on this journey to reclaim our spot in the game.

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