Burrito Rolls Back With Season 5 Roster

After the end of Season 4 we assigned the SMITE coach Sanjo with the task of recruiting a new SMITE team. With everything rounded down, we’re excited to announce the Season 5 SMITE roster!

We’re glad to welcome back Maksim “Fusify” Eroshenkov as the starting support player. He will be joined by French powerhouse Jean Luc “MoGoW” Vasaturo, followed up by Ryan “GetFisher” Fisher, Effi “Effix” Bello, and Edison “Snoddy” Hasani. The team will still be coached by Eslam “Sanjo” Emad, who has been of tremendous help, scouting and forming the new roster. We are very excited to see our new roster in action in the 2018 SMITE Minor League!

Coach Eslam “Sanjo” Emad, shared his thoughts about the new roster:

First of all, I want to thank all the players who tried out, and I apologize to those who didn’t get a chance to. The new roster has proven themselves to be worthy so far, and show a steadily growing potential. I am confident that with discipline and consistency this team will eventually beat the SPL competition at the end of Season 5.

Be sure to follow our SMITE team on social media:

 Jean Luc “MoGoW” Vasaturo – Solo
• Twitter
 Ryan “GetFisher” Fisher – Jungle
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 Effi “Effix” Bello – Mid
• Twitter
 Maksim “Fusify” Eroshenkov – Support
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 Edison “Snoddy” Hasani – Hunter
• Twitter // Twitch
 Eslam “Sanjo” Emad – Coach
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