Burrito signs new Paladins roster!

It’s been a while since you’ve seen Burrito in Paladins, but today we are very excited to announce that we’ve signed the ex-Wolves eSports roster.

Please join us in welcoming:

Patrick “sleeppyy” Ratzow
Simon “Simsiloo” Andersson
Daniel “NTBees” Byrne
Oliver “Slashwhine” Pasgaard
Ted “kowa” Hansson
Sander “MadAang” Gonkel

Team captain Patrick “sleeppyy” Ratzow on joining Burrito:

I am very excited about joining Burrito. I remember watching the HRX 2017 finals, hoping D69 would win, however seeing how Burrito won I couldn’t even be mad. I hope we can set the same standard and take home the HRX 2018 trophy.

From here on out, this will be the new Paladins roster representing the Burrito Esports banner. We are very excited to see what this new roster brings to the table in the upcoming Paladins tournaments, as well as future qualifiers, and we hope you join us in the journey!