Burrito SMITE: End of Season 4

Season 4 has come to an end for Burrito. With a disappointing 8th place finish in the SMITE Pro League and a failed attempt in the gauntlet, we are choosing a new approach into the new season 5 of SMITE esports.

Season 5 comes with a major change to the format. The pro league is reduced to only 6 teams, and the relegation/promotion system is no more. There will however be an upgrade to the Challenger scene, and with our 8th place finish in the SPL we have been granted a spot in the Challenger league. To ensure Burrito has the strongest odds of winning the challenger league, we are changing how we’re operating our SMITE division to a more coach centered approach.

With inspiration from traditional sports, Burrito is giving coach Sanjo the task of putting together the best team he can. Taking full advantage of the months until the start of the new season, we will be forming a strong cohesive challenger squad. This means we are opting to start fresh with our roster. We will be releasing all five SMITE players (Sibi, Dzoni, FaraKrik, Fusify, and Kespainify) of their agreements at end of the month.

With the new mindset, Burrito’s SMITE squad is now open for tryouts from players. If you believe you have what it takes, please contact our coach Sanjo through his direct messages via twitter: @_SanjoGG, and you may just be invited to one of our many upcoming tryouts. All members of the former Burrito roster has been invited to our tryouts with high priority.


We want to thank the players who represented us through season 4 of SMITE: Sibi, Dzoni, FaraKrik, Fusify, Kespainify, DeathPanter. We wish you all the best moving forward.