Burrito Spices up the Paladins Scene!

You’ve seen Burrito pick up the keyboard and mash Fight sticks. Now, Burrito is proud to announce that they are adding controllers to that list with the acquisition of a Top EU PS4 Paladins team: MobTown R2B.

Matthias “itzThias” Dellinger
Lewis “DudeThatsBirch” Skillington
Dominik “xHYPoCRiSYx” Wernet
Frank “TheLGCY” Cosano
Tomasz “Smutny-1221” Łakota

TheLGCY had a few words to commemorate the signing.

We are going to put everyone in the bin!

The team had dominating performances in the Dreamhack Valencia qualifiers. Only falling to the Team CryptiK lineup in close matches. Burrito has high hopes for the roster leading to HRX and we hope all of you join us on this new console adventure.

You can follow the new players at their social media here: