Burrito wraps back into SMITE!

It’s been roughly six months since a SMITE team has competed under the Burrito Esports banner, and today, we’re pleased to announce that we are changing that with the acquisition of EU SPL team, Optimus Gang. A team many will remember from the recent C6 drama, and one that our parent EsportsAnchor, produced their original logo and merchandise designs for them, free of charge, during the relegation LAN in April.

Some would call this fate, but we at Burrito are excited – nonetheless – to make our entrance back into SMITE and our first step into the SMITE Pro League. Please join us in welcoming the new Burrito Esports SMITE roster.

Matija ‘Sibi’ Arthofer
Nikola ‘Dzoni’ Todorovic
Willem ‘DeathPanter’ Hoste
Daniil ‘Kespainify’ Vyshkin
Maksim ‘Fusify’ Eroshenkov

The team’s coach Joe ‘SqueaakyG’ James is also joining Burrito Esports. He will continue to help develop the team to its fullest potential.

Team Captain, Matija ‘Sibi’ Arthofer, shared his thoughts on the recent joining:

”Everyone in the team is really looking forward towards working with the respected members of Burrito Esports and doing the best we can in the Summer Split.”

We all look forward to watching our team compete in the Summer Split, and we hope you join us for this journey! Thank you for your continued support, and we’ll see you Saturday, May 27th versus Team Dignitas for our first match of the SPL!