Farewell AlphaJackal

Today we announce with a heavy heart the departure of friend and coach of the SMITE team Andy “AlphaJackal” Barlow. Andy started working with the organisation back in October when Burrito Esports acquired the roster formerly known as Hysteria. He has been an important factor in the development of the team and we thank him for that.

Andy had the following statement upon his departure:

I’ve had an absolutely amazing time with Burrito Esports, which I wouldn’t trade in for the world. I really hope that the organisation as a whole finds success in the future, because everyone involved works extremely hard to make the players happy, which, to me, is the most important thing.

Andy will be moving on to join CycloneGG as their SMITE coach. We at Burrito Esports wish him the best of luck and thank him for his commitment at the organisation and for the team.