Gamehunter joins Burrito Stream Team

We are pleased to announce the signing of Danish SMITE pro, Mark “Gamehunter” Horsten, to the Burrito Stream Team. Gamehunter will be joining Swindy and Mulligan in our family of twitch streamers, streaming a variety of FPS, MOBA, and CCGO (Collectible Card Game Online).

Gamehunter was a former professional player, playing on the original Team SoloMid roster as the solo laner, and scoring the first ever professional pentakill on Vamana, thus dubbing him “Godhunter“. He also competed with TheNightsWatch in SPL Season 2, and Torpedo Gaming in SPL Season 3. But after falling to Cyclone and Fantastique in Relegations, Gamehunter took a break from the pro scene and decided to start streaming. Over the last few months, he’s gained over 1,700 followers and maintains an even schedule, streaming with several of his old teammates from time to time.

You can follow Gamehunter on, as well as @Gamehuntah.