Leaving the SMITE Minor League

We have today decided that we no longer want to be associated with the SML (SMITE Minor League) in its current format.

Having entered the league from the start with our guaranteed spot from the 2017 season’s SMITE Pro League placement, we were hoping the SML could be the boost the higher end of the  amateur scene that was desperately needed in SMITE.

The first split was a fairly succesful run for us, surprising most with a high placement in the league – we were pleased with both the results and the broadcasting of the league. The amateur scene was getting more views than ever, having the entire weekend spot for its own, with every single game being broadcasted. Although some of the broadcasting times were a bit too late for our EU fans, we were happy to at least see growth in the scene.

With the current summer split big changes were made to the SML broadcasting format. Now moved to a worse weekday and timeslot, we would also see a significant cut in the amount of games being broadcasted, which took a heavy blow to both our organisation and player’s motivation in creating the entertainment and content we were hoping for. The turmoil this caused to our roster, combined with our talent getting offers from the SPL, our team were going through changes to the roster on a weekly basis. With now yet another roster change incoming, we have decided that we as an organisation currently aren’t interested in competing in the SML.

We have terminated our agreements with the SMITE roster of Burrito Esports, and we are giving the SML spot to the players.

We want to thank all the players who has been part of Burrito throughout the SMITE Minor League, and we want to once again apologise for the roster turmoil we have seen in the last weeks. We love you, and hope you will find a more stable environment for the end of the season. And finally a thank you to our fans who cheered us on during the games! We truly hope the SML will see some format changes that will transform it to a more viable league for organisations to help players.