Kylar Alice joins Burrito

We are pleased to announce the signing of Oceanic’s top Brawlhalla player; 17-year old Jackson “Kylar Alice” Potts of Queensland, Australia, to Burrito’s ever-growing FGC line up. Kylar Alice has held the title of Oceania’s best player since the launch of the servers, and his victory in the BCX Australia Regional Qualifier back in July of 2016. Since then, he has played 9th in Singles and Doubles at BCX 2016, and has consistently kept a top 20 world ranking spot.

We are very excited to have Kylar join alongside Zeloxory in helping us build the strongest, international Brawlhalla roster, and waving the Burrito in-game banner with every victory. Be sure to watch Kylar in the upcoming Australia Regional Qualifiers for BCS 2017 this July and in the recently announced Shine 2017 taking place in Boston in August.

You can follow Kylar Alice on twitter,; as well as YouTube