Paladins Roster Changes After HRX

After an incredible performance at the HRX Invitational our Paladins roster will be going through a few changes.

Malkolm ‘bonkar‘ Rench is welcomed as a starter in our lineup after his performance at the HRX, where he will be replacing Hermann ‘SunCommander‘ Graf who is moved to the substitute role.

Additionally we will unfortunately be saying farewell to Teemu ‘spunkki‘ Tenhunen. His spot will be filled by Gal ‘Leminate‘ Rubinshtein, who together with bonkar previously played for A Team Has No Name.

Captain of the Paladins squad, Erik ‘Bird‘ Sjösten has on behalf of the team the following statement on the news:

With a new year comes new rosters. Although unexpected, this also applies to Burrito.

After bonkars performance at the HRX Invitational, it should come as no surprise that we’ll be keeping him on the team as a replacement for SunCommander, who unfortunately will continue to have travel issues in the near future.
It goes without saying that SunCommander is an amazing player and truly laid the foundation for our success, as a team and as players individually. Sun will remain on the team as a substitute and you will surely still find him on the realm.

On top of bonkar joining the team as main roster, we will also be replacing Spunkki with Leminate. Just as with SunCommander, Spunkki has played a crucial part in the development of our team and performed beyond anyone’s expectations both online and at LAN. Spunkki is still very clearly one of the best players in the world and his replacement derives purely from what fits best in the team. In this case, Leminate is a better fit for the team and will allow all other players to fill their preferred roles better.

We have no doubt that we will continue to dominate the competitive scene with our updated roster. We also wish the best for Spunkki and as with any true friendship, cannot wait to compete against him.


We would here from the management of Burrito Esports, like to personally thank spunkki for his dedication to the team. Both as a friend as a player we wish him the very best, and hope to see him still compete in top level Paladins play. He is a unique and fun personality that surely will be missed on the team.